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Beacon 3-in-1 - 118ml (4 OZ)

Beacon 3-in-1 - 118ml (4 OZ)
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Perfekter Bastelkleber für Papier, Stoff und Mixed Media Techniken. Er trocknet nicht ganz so schnell wie Fabri-Tac und ist nicht waschmaschinenfest.


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Tips und Tricks


Original Beschreibung

3-in-1… get three great formulas in one bottle — crystal clear, instant grab and fast drying. This no-run formula is perfect for gluing wood, fabric, seashells, beads, glitter, trims, foam, rubber, cork, cardboard, ceramics and many other craft and hobby projects.

Materials It Bonds:
Wood, Floral, Cork, Glitter, Trim, Ceramics, Fabrics, Beads and more.

Crystal clear adhesive, dries crystal clear, instant grab, fast drying, acid free, lignin free, does not wrinkle paper, water proof, no run formula.

Dry Tme:
1 Hour

Cure Time:
24 Hours

Helpful Hints:
Glue dries very fast. Work in small 1-3" areas to prevent glue from drying too rapidly. Apply a small amount of Vaseline to top of dispensing tip to reduce stringing.

For fast results, a precision applicator tip makes it easy to apply exactly where needed.

To Thin:
Use acetone. Add drop by drop, stirring, until desired consistency is achieved.

To Remove:
Remove by dry cleaning.